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Another project

Another project to add to my long list (why do none of them ever get finished?) is to restart the Glorantha Borderlands campaign that basically got dropped halfway through an assault on a newtling temple (I can’t remember why). Anyway, … Continue reading

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Spotting the details

Its only when you have photographed a figure and are cropping it that you notice the bits you have missed: Note to self – need to do the eyes and the suns on his knees…

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Old School

Coming soon, some photos from America, but while I sort out the decent ones from the 700 that I took (the joy and curse of digital photography) here are some photos of some RPG figures that I have been painting … Continue reading

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The new combat system…

…as used this evening. And when I say new, I mean stolen from Pendragon. This is to avoid the problem with high-skill Runequest where combat is just a series of successfully parried attacks. Realistic, in that two highly trained swordsmen … Continue reading

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