Not the real sort, but my wargaming armies. Like most wargamers I have a lot of figures, mainly unpainted and very few complete and useable armies. I am going to attempt to use the credit crunch to justify not starting any new armies, painting the mountain of lead that I have and focusing on finishing off some of my armies properly.

So this is a hierarchy of wargames rules and the armies that I have for them. Part of the problem is that I seem to be going through a grumpy old man period with wargames rules, possibly because I seem to keep losing. If you are winning with a set of rules you can easily overlook a whole lot of problems with the rules – when you are losing a lot every inconsistency seems to grate like embedded shrapnel. So I now seem to have armies for rules-sets which I don’t like playing, which is not a good place to be. It would also explain why I seem to have armies for so many rules.