15mm DBMM armies

So what 15mmm DBMM armies do I have, or am I planning?

  1. New Kingdom Egyptian – done
  2. Libyan Egyptian – half done
  3. Thracian – quarter done
  4. Later Achaemenid Persian – half done
  5. Pre-Samurai Japanese – not done
  6. Han Chinese – half done
  7. Parthian – done but needs re-doing
  8. Late Imperial Roman – done
  9. Patrician Roman – almost done
  10. Early Byzantine – half done
  11. Later Visigothic – half done
  12. Nikephorian Byzantine – not done
  13. Seljuk – half done
  14. Malay – not done
  15. Later Muslim Indian – half done
  16. War of the Roses English – done
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Unhappy Seljuks

Miserable game with the Seljuks last night against Mediaeval Germans (actually a fairly historical match up, if I had been Rum Seljuks rather than Merv, and the Germans had been third crusade rather than a century later).

Not really used to the army, got the PIP allocation wrong, allowed myself to be over-stretched, wasted time reforming my Cv(S) and Cv(O) from the optimum formation to a completely rubbish formation – really it was a disaster from start to finish.

The Seljuk list, for what it is worth should have been:

C-in-C as Reg Cv(S), 7 Reg Cv(S), 6 Reg Cv(O).

Sub General as Reg Cv(S), 12 Irr LH(S).

Sub General as Reg Cv(S), 1 Reg Cv(S), 6 mounted Reg Ax(S).

Ally General as Irr LH(S), 12 Irr LH(S).

Feigned Flight and Scouting.

Instead I swapped the C-in-C into the LH command so that he could move them with his free PIP (which he rarely did since he was too slow) and gave the low PIP to the cavalry command which meant they couldn’t reform. Even with the middle dice, the Ax command didn’t sweep through the difficult hill but got bogged down killing 3 Ps(O).

Oh, and the ally was unreliable, which didn’t help. And meant that when I wanted to Feign Flight with the Cv command, I couldn’t as they were too close to the rear of the table, because my advance had been held up trying to persuade the ally general to come out and play.

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Late Romans in battle

Got another battle in this week with the Late Imperial Romans and I think I am finally happy with iteration 6 of the roster. Three very different commands, and even with some poor PIP dice I never felt that I had PIPs in the wrong place.

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The painting bench this week

Ink some WW2 Russian Zis-3 artillery and staff for Wednesday night’s game of Flames of War against Graham.

Paint up the last of the Old Glory 15mm Gothic archers to give me all 16 Irr Bw(I) for an Ostrogothic or Later Visigothic army.

Assemble the rest of the Conquest plastic Norman 28mm knights for a Norman Saga warband.

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