Old School

Coming soon, some photos from America, but while I sort out the decent ones from the 700 that I took (the joy and curse of digital photography) here are some photos of some RPG figures that I have been painting recently. I have a couple of boxes of old RPG figures, some dating back to when I first started in the eightes, and mostly unpainted. Since I started RPGing again we have started using them again and so I have started painting and repainting them (believe it or not my painting skills were even worse 20 years ago). Here are a couple that I have done; first a female cleric figure:

Female Cleric

And also a plate armoured warrior (normally used in the evil antagonist role, but actually quite appropriate as a cleric as well since he has a flail):

Plate armoured warrior or cleric

Then one of the rare ones painted for me by Petra. I think this was originally one of the Elric with Stormbringer figures, but I bought a couple of them to use as high elf command figures. This one then got painted by Petra to her colour scheme, so I am now using it as an RPG figure because I can’t paint a whole unit to match…

Elric of Melnibone