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Always have at least two guards

Following the battle Bael attempts to sweet talk some info out of the big fighter guy using his bardic abilities.  He tells them that he is the captain of the ship, Sea Ghost and his name is Sigurd Snake Eyes, and they are transporting cloth and brandy. He gives a few more facts but won’t expand on whether anyone else is on board.

Rob takes Will and Tom off to investigate the foc’sle. They discover a galley and the general chandlery store. They also find a barred door. Rob uses Isis’ iron spikes to jam both doors to this room closed – he’ll come back and check them out later.

Rob, Will and Tom then turn their attention to the rear of the ship. Meanwhile Bael, Varys and Isis check the dead bodies, and loot Sigurd’s pockets. They find some coins and gems, and two keys on Sigurd.  The dead sailor also has some coins and a key, as does one of the other sleeping sailors.  The other sailors just have a smattering of small change.

In what would almost certainly appear to be Sigurd’s cabin Rob finds a pile of letters from various women who claim to be his wife – seems he is sowing his seed widely, also there’s a letter hinting at complicity in some level of smuggling operation with someone whose grasp of language is not high – humanoids, or some savage tribe…?? Also, there’s an interesting journal of a voyage away to the far south, on the Sea of Dread! It seems there’s an island with cannibal savages, terrifying giant lizards and friendly natives. All topped off with the promise of lashings of treasure. After Rob finishes reading it out there is a consensus that a ship should be chartered to sail out to the Sea of Dread to make a fortune. The name is surely just poor marketing.

However, back to the job in hand. A chest is also found but it only contained clothes. A metal box is found under the bed. Rob manages to detect a trap so no further action is taken.

They explore the other cabin, it looks like it was occupied by the mage that Amber used for target practice.  A small chest is found and is dragged out on deck.  Rob fails to pick the lock so someone (history fails to record who) forces the lock with their sword.  A cloud of green gas billows over the deck and Rob, Amber and Isis are overcome.  They fall to the floor and cannot be roused, although they continue to breathe.

Based on one of the letters found in Sigurd’s cabin Bael is convinced that other persons are on board and is worried about a surprise attack. Because of this, all able party members (minus Varys) descend the companionway to explore the lower deck. Down there they find the crew quarters with little of interest. The hold itself contains barrels (presumably brandy) and rolls of cloth. The bilges contain the usual rats and filthy water. There is a glint of something in the distance, but no one wants to check at this time. There are two rear cabins. There is a chest in the port cabin which contains clothes, a broken metal crossbow and a metal box.  The box is locked but a key found on the dead sailor matches the keyhole.  It contains 200 sp and a dagger made from a strange grey metal.  The crossbow is made from a similar metal.

There is also a chest in the starboard cabin, which contains clothes and a pair of old boots.  There is also a brass chest, which is locked.  Bael decides to carry it back up on deck before opening, in case of more gas traps.
When the party emerge on desk they notice a couple of changes – Varys is lying down and Sigurd is missing. Oooops. Seems that no one thought to count how many sleeping crew there were compared to the number of hammocks in the crew quarters. Varys was jumped from behind and then Sigurd and crewman escaped in the rowing boat. The rest of the crew and our incapacitated heroes were left alone though.
We leave our heroic, but tactically naive party, considering what to do next – chase the rowboat or smash down the final door then head back to port.
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