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Discussion with Old Lizard continues.

Bael and Amber make it clear that they wish to make amends for the battle in the cave earlier. They learn more of the Sarhaugin. The lizard men have been driven from their lair on an isle to the south west in the kingdom of Irendi. It’s a few days sail away and Bael questions if the Sarhaugin would attack the realms of man as well. Old Lizard nods, saying they revel in death and destruction. The lizardmen have been attempting to forge alliances with other undersea races. However, it seems that the emissaries from one race were the little blue goblin geezers – he doesn’t think an alliance will be forged there! Dolphin boy speaks with Old Lizard in a language no one else understands, but it seems he is willing to return to his tribe and garner support for the campaign.

Old Lizard mentions that the high priest, who hates humans anyway, is more angry than usual as his sacred snake and one of his acolytes have been slain. In a more immediate effort to forge friendship Bael and Amber suggest that the acolyte might not be dead and they might be able to return him. Old Lizard thinks this might help a bit. They also suggest that they might be able to supply some weapons, seeing as Snake Eyes bugged out on his deal. Lastly, Old Lizard mentions that a giant crocodile living nearby, normally worshipped by the lizardmen, seems to have gone mad and attacked a lizardman patrol. They cannot kill a sacred beast themselves, but the party could and should do it.

Before leaving for Sulescu, Old Lizard says that one party member must remain as security. Bael volunteers and the rest return to see Sir Marcus.

Sir Marcus is interested to hear the tale, and is pleased with the negotiations of Bael and Amber. He is happy to release the acolyte and the weapons stash that was impounded. They were poor quality blades anyway. He has heard of the Sarhaugin and is not happy to think of them establishing so close to Karameikos. He also agrees that trade links could and should be forged with the lizard men to help cement peace.

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So *this* is the main entrance..

The next morning the party are summoned to see Sir Marcus. It seems that he has found someone who speaks the lizard tongue. However, it seems that the priest doesn’t want to say much beyond hurling curses.
It is decided that they will head back out and this time explore the sea-cave.

Following an uneventful journey, anchor is dropped and the jolly boat rowed toward the cave. Isis’ lizardy friends are following. The cave entrance is very low but within it opens out into a wide circular cave, similar to the big muddy one.
Our heroes make landfall at a ledge on the backwall and Amber and Rob sneak down a short passage from which a faint light source is seen. It seems that the lizardmen are alert to the arrival of their ‘guests’ and soon a pitched battle is raging on the ledge. Morgan and Minerva are facing lizardmen coming down the corridor, while Dolphinboy and Amber handle some odd blue goblin-type creatures who attempt to flank the party from the rear. Varys makes his contribution by casting Sleep at the blue goblins and then ponders on cave formations and other geological oddities.
Battle rages, and it takes a turn for the worse when some kind of giant eel with some sub-species of lizardman riding it’s back. They hurl javelins and Varys is grabbed by the ankle and dragged underwater.
Isis manages to bring one of the lizards to bear on teh blue goblins but they are not really fighting lizards and do little damage.
The party is gradually worn down and Morgan falls in battle. Amber is enraged and fires off two arrows at the lizardman leader. He takes heavy damage and the remaining lizardmen flee back into the room they emerged from.
The blue goblins have been defeated, however more lizardmen have appeared behind them. And Isis has gone down too. The other lizard stands over the body of it’s fallen friend to defend her body and there seems to be something of a stalemate.
Those still standing elect to exit the cave ledge down the corridor. Some passage exploring is done but nothing of much interest is found although Rob manages to break his lock picks on one stubborn door.
Turning one last corner the party spy another group of lizardmen, this one containing an old, stooping lizardman. It speaks in common asking the party to lay down their weapons and come to talk. With little option everyone sheathes and walks with the old geezer.
He asks Bael and Amber why they attacked his people at the side door and the mud cave. Bael explains that they were chasing a renowned smuggler and on his ship was a chart of the area west of Sulescu with a big ‘X’ marking this area. When they came to investigate and entered the cave system they were attacked. The old lizard asks after Snake Eyes and Amber says he seemed to have abandoned his boat. Bael asks what they were expecting, and then asks why they were buying weapons. Old Lizard says the lizardmen are waging war against their mortal enemies, the Sahaugin, who have driven them from their former home and forced them to take refuge in this old, long since abandoned cave system, Bael points out that when rumours start of lizardmen tooling up for war so near to the realm of men they should expect interest. Old Lizard shrugs…
Bael ponders on when and how to use his Persuade powers. Some healing wouldn’t go amiss…

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Detect Wand of Detect Magic

The party make it back to Isis and the lizards. As everyone wades through the mud to the bright light of freedom several lizardmen appear on the other side of the cave and lob a couple of javelins. None of them hit, but one squeaks as it is hit by returning fire.
Another lizard man starts some sort of chanting and the third giant lizard leaves its ledge and advances menacingly. Bael does a poor job of fighting it, luckily Morgan is able to step in and swing his big macho sword.
Once the party make it outside they are able to gain firmer ground and escape to their hidden rowboat. Isis’ friendly lizards don’t want to be left behind and swim out to the boat. They climb the anchor line and are bedded down in the hold.

On returning to Sulescu Varys says he will stay aboard and search for the spellbook of the dead mage. The others take the captive lizardman to see Sir Marcus.
No progress is made in communicating with the lizardman. Lord Thingy is interested to hear the report from Bael but doesn’t really offer any more help or instructions. After some discussion all agree to go back to the caves and kill more lizardmen.
Meanwhile, Varys has has little success in searching the ship and has even hired a shipwright to help search for hidden compartments. No joy. In despair he nervously goes to see his old mentor, Alyotic Greystaff, to seek help.
She agrees, for a fee, to accompany him on-board as cast Detect Magic to see if anything can be found.
They scoot around the ship and eventually she notices some glowing coming from the broken remains of the chest that are now in the galley – seems there was a secret compartment in the chest lid. Within, Varys finds a spellbook and a scroll tube. Alyotic is pleased and will take copies of spells as payment for her work.

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Isis has sent you a Friend Request

The scouting party decides there are no look outs and return to the ship. Anchor is dropped in the same place and this time Will and Tom are left to guard the ship. The rowboat is hidden in the reeds as before.
This time the party taken a northerly fork on the path through the marsh. In time it leads between two spurs of the hill. Large animal footprints are seen in the mud. Eventually the path leads to a cave entrance in the hillside.
Our heroes decide to sit and watch for a while and thus strike out for higher ground. Hidden behind a few bushes they watch and see a giant lizard eventually emerge and disappear into the marsh. 20 mins later it returns with a frog leg dangling from its mouth.
Rob is lowered on a rope in order to view the inside of the cave. unfortunately it is too dark compared to the bright outside and he cannot see much. Meanwhile, Isis is considering whether she can add the lizard as a Friend on DruidBook. She takes Minerva and DolphinBoy and they hunt for a giant frog.
Shortly she returns with the frog and approaches the cave entrance. The lizard spots her and she starts to chant. Within seconds it is transfixed, the chanting continues and ends when Isis gives the frog as a gift. It seems the lizard has accepted the friend request!
The rest of the party descend and enter the cave – two more lizards are resting there and don’t appreciate the interruption. More frogs are caught and Isis makes another friend.
Within the cave are two passages. The party head towards the north one. The lizards are too large to enter so Isis sits with them while the others explore.

Amber and Rob lead the way, they find a door slightly ajar. On the other side is the sound of clinking armour and lizardy voices. Amber thinks that there is a large party of foes so the party elect to move on. Several rooms/cells are found, each with a bed and a chest. Each chest contains a statuette, a few electrum pieces and there are one or two vials of oil. Another room contains a metal chest and has wooden masks of crocodile and snake heads hanging on the wall. Again, the party moves on. Eventually a door is found where chanting is heard. It seems that one voice is leading others in prayer. The party return to the mask room as it had another exit. A short passage ends at a curtain which covers one side of a large room. Through a slit in the curtain Amber can see an altar with a single lizardman praying.

Varys steps up to the curtain and casts Sleep – the figure slumps. Rob and Amber dart in to retrieve the prisoner – it will be taken back to Sulescu for questioning. However, as they drag the figure back towards the curtain a giant snake emerges from the altar. It bites Amber and she falls to the floor. Morgan, followed by Bael, rush out to help. Bael strikes a chord and Morgan swings his sword. They rock out! Rob is distracted by the power of the twiddly bits in Bael’s riffs and is bitten by the snake. Morgan is digging the groove and swings for MASSIVE DAMAGE! In three strikes the snake is dead! The sleeping lizardman (plus staff) and the two poisoned thieves are dragged behind the curtain. The lizardman is bound and gagged and the party attempt to return to Isis and outside.

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Lizard Genocide

From the clearing a path is found that leads to a door in the side of the hill. The party enter and in a sideroom they meet some lizardmen. Battle ensues and many lizardmen are slain (about 10). However there are clearly more, inluding a big guy, so the party retreat.
Back in Sulescu, Marcus asks them to investigate further and attempt to ascertain how many lizardmen there are. While in town several party members feel stronger and Bael feels that his inspiring songs are more inspiring.
On returning to the seas it is felt that there might be watchers on the headland, so a scouting party is dropped. They scour the hillside but only encounter sheep and a shepherd who knows little of the local reptillian fauna.

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What’s this X on the map?

It was decided not to chase Sigurd. Instead they bashed down the barricaded door and found an empty cabin with a porthole swinging. Whoever was in here escaped with the captain.

The party sail back to Sulescu to report back to the big bossman. He is pleased with progress and the fact that the vast majority of the contraband has been confiscated.

On one of the maps is a X near a promontory a few miles west of Sulescu. This could be the destination of the weapons that Sigurd was smuggling. Marcus despatches the party to investigate.

They sail up an estuary and drop anchor. Bael is left aboard to compose sea shanties and the others make landfall. They explore a bit and find a path through the marshes. It leads to a clearing…

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