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Fancy a new handbag?

The party return to the lizard man lair without incident and the acolyte is welcomed warmly. They leave for the croc’s pool with warnings about the obvious madness of the reptile ringing in their ears.
During the march to the hill spur Rob and Amber discuss ways to lure the beast from its abode. Eventually they agree on Rob’s suggestion to use a sheep and take a detour to rustle one from the lowly shepherd previously met.

Morgan is appointed as bait setter and he leads the unfortunate even-toed ungulate towards the pool. It is tethered to a stake with enough rope so that it can approach the pool to drink. Just as Morgan finishes his round turn and two half hitches there is an explosion from the water’s edge. A LARGE (no, bigger than that!) a MASSIVE crocodile bursts from the water and snaps towards its prey. Morgan retreats and Amber, Bael and Minerva all loose arrows. Varys casts Magic Missile and then steps back, taking no further part in the action.

Isis casts ‘Invisibility to Animals’ on Morgan and Rob in the hope that they can creep closer to the behemoth and deal some extra damage. Precise details of the battle are hazy, fog of war and all that, but it seems that Bael’s playing must have been slightly off key as Morgan didn’t have such a successful combat encounter. Minerva, however, did a good job and soon the beast is down.

As everyone pauses to take a breath and consider bag, belt and shoe designs more trouble appears. A large, odd looking reptile appears from the pool. It has spiky sides and emanates heat… Isis throws javelins, Amber fires arrows, Morgan swings his sword (ineffectually again!). Minerva again does a decent job and scores a couple of hits. In one attack, Morgan’s sword slides across the beast’s scales and he stumbles into it’s flank. He jumps back, badly burnt. This beast seems to be too powerful for our plucky band of heroes and there are mutterings of retreat. However, Minerva strikes another blow and the monster looks shaken. Morgan charges in a do-or-die attempt to finish it and he strikes!!! The reptile is felled and everyone feels better.

Bael suspects this is a sub-species of dragon, and everyone knows that dragons have treasure. So, they go to search for a lair. Hidden in a glade of trees on the far side of the pool they find a stash of treasure. Coins, a necklace a potion, a sword, a staff and a scroll. They return to the lizardmen with the head of the croc and the dragon and are welcomed by Old Lizard. He recognises the dragon and says it is known that these can control other lizards and this must be why the crocodile had gone mad. Morgan offers the coins as a further peace offering, for which Old Lizard is truly grateful.

Our heroes spend a few days resting and recovering at the lair, and in doing so they find that they are all feeling stronger, tougher and able to cast more spells.

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