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One million years BC

We head north along the road.

Not too far along we find a stone that’s raised up next to one that has sunk – forming a sort of pit and altar. The altar has many skulls and the pit is full of bones, with a couple of cadavers. Closer inspection reveals that the skulls are not human – brows too pronounced, forehead slopes back. Varys states it must be some sort of prehistoric man or neanderthal.

Nothing attacks us or happens, so we continue. The road enters a range of undulating hills. It continues arrow straight with some cuttings through the larger hills.

Later in the day we see a post with another skull, painted a dull red. Could it be a territory marker, or a warning??

Approaching the crest of a hill we hear noises. Rob and Amber creep forward to investigate. Amber is chased by a snake and runs back to Morgan like a big cissy. Rob returns and tells us that a troop of hairy men are fighting a huge lizardy dinosaur.

We crest the hill and watch from a safe distance. For an hour they harry the beast with spears. Their dodging skills are impressive and none of them are hurt in the time it takes them to kill it. As they begin to butcher it for meat we hear another bellowing roar from up the valley to the west. The hairy men hurry.

Eventually the roars get closer and they run off. We follow along the top of the ridge.. Behind us we see a huge bipedal lizard. It stops at the dead dinosaur and starts to eat.

In the gathering dusk we lose sight of the hairy men but we follow in their general direction and over the crest of the next valley we see caves in the hillside. We spot that one flickers slightly with firelight and debate long on what to do. Another roar helps us decide and we approach the cave.

It’s protected by some large spikes driven into the rocks but we can easily slip between them. They are designed for something on a bier scale.

Next we come to a ring of thorny bushes. As we ponder what to do the light of our torches has been spotted and about 5 hairy men emerge from the cave grunting and howling. They throw spears at us, but luckily miss. Varys casts Sleep and all is quiet…

By the time we cut our way through the bushes the cave entrance is clear. We enter cautiously, Amber and Bael at the front. Bael strums his lute, playing a soothing tune. Behind the fire, the hairy men are standing tensly, teeth bared, spears raised. They clearly fear us but daren’t strike.

We keep calm and slowly approach the fire. The mexican standoff continues for a while, but we make no threatening moves, and start to cook and share some of the lizard meat we still have.

Tensions reduce sufficiently that we can get rest and are not attacked.

Next morning it is clear they want us to leave. We do so, and 4 of them follow us at a discrete distance.

We return to the road and continue north. The hairy men trail us, but are always careful to never walk on the road…

For a while, the road follows a valley, eventually it turns off to the west, but the road continues straight into a cave in the hillside. And at the cave entrance is another post with a skull sitting atop.

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Bael experimenting with new shorter verse structures

At the tar pits.
Decide to head to centre of island to investigate legend of treasures…
Heal up then head north away from swamp.
We pass a herd of stegasaurus.
Reach the remains of a huge road going east west. As we investigate we are attacked by two giant lizards. We eat lizards steaks for dinner and camp in a giant crack in the road. Next day we follow the road east. Reach a lake and a junction with other roads. We head north…

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Morgan, he not write Thyatian properly

Equipped ship with enough 10’ poles and wolfsbane to equip an army of lycanthrope hunters.
Sailed south.
Observed an uncharted island to the west, but the winds were fair so we pressed on.
Observed what appeared to be a floating ‘island’ of houseboats when observed through the captain’s spyglass, off the port quarter, but the winds were fair so we pressed on.
Made land fall with Island after 6 days of sailing.
Sailed down the lee (eastern) shore, we didn’t risk a storm blowing up and wrecking us having just reached here
Reached southern end of the land mass after a number of days and found habitation.
Emissaries from the village local population paddled out to greet us in a flotilla of dugout canoes.
Language barrier didn’t seem a problem and they were welcoming and pleased with the trade goods we bought them; the metals objects went down particularly well.
We went ashore and shared a meal with them and were then taken to a central ceremony where the four ‘groupings’ / families of the village had a ceremonial meal – it wasn’t us.
We stayed in the log house of our family.
On the second day, as we were wondering how to overcome the language barrier and how to find the shaman that the log described, the shaman appeared from the other village near the wall.
We talked, we learnt enough of the language to make ourselves understood, then we left and sailed round to the village by the wall.
Before we left we deduced that the villagers had mastered the art of partial-resurrection of the dead; the workers in the fields appeared unaging and compliant.

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