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The road runs for ever on

We enter the cave, which has clearly been mined, rather than being natural. It turns out to be a tunnel and we march onward. There are no markings or primitive paintings on the walls.
We continue northwards, the landscape becoming drier and scrubbier, and find another tunnel. This one is blocked, seemingly due to a roof fall. Although the ‘rubble’ turns out to be a pile of skulls. Slightly freaked by this we decide to go the long way round and climb over the ridge the tunnel is passing through.
From the top of the ridge we see another valley. Scanning the horizon we see caves to the east.
Bael is hungry for some action and proposes we investigate the caves. No one has a better plan so we head off. We attempt to stick to the high ground, but a narrow river valley crosses our path. On getting closer to the caves we see one has the telltale large stakes/spikes to fend off dinos.
The plan is to do the same as with the last tribe – make out we are a godly pantheon. Morgan suggests approaching in a circle formation looks more godly.
Someone must have spotted us because an eerie ululation echoes across the valley, we continue with Bael strumming Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.
Morgan and Minerva lead the advance, and once we are about 50 yards away a volley of spears flies at them from the 5 hairy neandethals. Varys casts Sleep and several go down, the others howl louder and fling more spears. Morgan is hit! Tis but a flesh wound (but it stings!!)
More neandethals appear at the cave entrance and Varys casts another Sleep spell. Three hairy fellows are left standing and then don’t look remotely cowed by the POWAH of Varys the Nervous. He starts to feel nervous and casts Web, just to show them who’s boss.
The web does it’s job and prevents further spear attack. We break through the thorn barricade and awaken a sleeping form in an attempt to appear to be restoring them back to life. But their undeveloped minds could not comprehend the awesome power that we Gods wield, and the ungrateful fellow attempted to bite Morgan’s fingers. So he punched his lights out. We decide to cut our losses and retreat.
Heading north on the road again we just miss getting squished by a huge boulder rolling down the hillside. Some of the locals are just ungrateful.
As the velvet dusk spreads her fingers across the valley we emerge into a huge bowl, around 10 miles across and the road leads into a seemingly abandoned city. Another road heads west out of the bowl, but there could be rich pickings here..!
While there is no city wall, there is a gateway and we investigate one of the towers next to it. On the second floor we encounter an enraged ape-like creature. Bael plays some power chords to inspire the two fighters and they make pretty short work of it. The rest of the tower seems clear, so we camp for the night.

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