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Apparently glowiness isn’t a real word

We examined the room with the sand and mirrors again.  Rob decided to hide the light emanating from Minerva’s sword to see if he could detect any light coming from the ceiling.  In doing so he discovered a vertical slit in the top of the mirrored walls at both ends which let in sunlight.  It was surmised that the sand had in fact not been deliberately placed there but had drifted in through the slots.  As well as the light coming from the slots the room seemed filled with some magic glowiness.  Isis did a detect magic spell in the mirror room and detected that both mirrored surfaces are magical and there are 10 floaty magical blobs near the ceiling.  The seem to bob around the centre of the room in a random fashion.  While Isis’ detect magic was still active she went to see if the room with the acid was magical.  The acid only showed up as slightly magical.
After night fall Isis changed into an ape and went to scout out the other pyramid.  She stayed the night there. In the very early morning while it was still dark she spotted the mysterious stranger climbing the staircase of the pyramid.  When he got to the top he placed his hands and forehead onto the altar.  Then he went and sat cross legged in the middle alcove.  Isis tried to have a closer look but he spotted her.  He snarled and transformed into a swarm of bats which chased Isis off the pyramid.  She ran towards the town to avoid drawing the bats to us.  Fortunately the bats did not actually attack her after driving her off the pyramid they flew back to the pyramid.We ran to the aid of Isis but she was alright.
In the morning we decided after much thought and discussion we decided to go check out the pit on the ground level. Amber was tied to some rope and lowered slowly into the pit while she held a flaming torch. When she got to the bottom she found herself at the botttom she found herself in a wide cavern. She did not untie herself from the rope incase she needed to make a quick get away. The walls of the cavern could not be seen in the glow of the torch but just at the edge of where she could see there was some strange reflections on some unknown surface. She decided to walk towards this but still with the rope tied to her. As she moved towards these strange reflection this surface started shimmering as if it were moving. Taking fright from what could only be imagined as some monstrous creature. Maybe even a dragon! She shouted to be pulled back up. As she started being dragged backwards by us pulling on the rope a pair of giant eyes with slits for pupils appeared in the glow of the torchlight. An enormous forked tongue darted towards her to taste the air. As she was lifted further up the pit the head of a huge snake appeared below her. It was between six to eight feet wide and ten feet wide. Fortunately we managed to pull her to safety.
Rather than possibly confront the snake then we decided to put that off to the start of our next session.  We went to investigate the other pyramid some more.  Carefully walking around the pyramid base we spotted a slit high up on the walls that did not have staircases. Also while looking carefully we spotted two doors either side of the staircase.  These doors were filled with many stones.  Isis did some more detecting magic on them but they were not magical.   Rob decided to climb the staircase to the top and there thought he would place his hands and forehead on the altar as had been seen done by the mysterious stranger.  A bad decision by Rob! Instantly his mind was flooded by horrendous images of bloody sacrifices.  Terrible priests cutting our the heart and lungs of victims and floods of blood pouring down the pyramid.  He was then flung backwards unconscious.

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Second rate real-world rip-off

We climb to the top of the pyramid to rest for the night.
While on watch Bael and Rob see the apes jumping around again, but note that none of them come to the sides of the buildings facing the pyramid.  On Amber’s watch she sees a figure scale the other pyramid. Just before dawn a flock of bats fly away from it, but no sign of the human.
Isis attempts to heal the sick, but something prevents Morgan from feeling any benefit. He looks ruefully at the empty potion bottle in his hand then flings it over the back of the pyramid with a curse.

We decide to scale the larger pyramid. As we climb the stairs we see that there are streaks of old, dried blood down them and as we approach the top we see the blood stains become more widespread until they cover the top few steps.  At the top, there is an altar totally discoloured with dried blood – what sort of people lived here!!
This pyramid has no pit in the centre but it does have the same low structure with three ‘rooms’ we explore and begin to search for secret doors. Eventually, a trapdoor is found in the middle room. No one is too keen to explore this one just yet and then Bael ponders if there might be a similar one in the smaller pyramid. We rush back to check.

Indeed, another trapdoor is located. Everyone is feeling a bit braver so we open it. Handholds descend into the darkness. Minerva goes first and we follow in single file…
The handholds lead to a short set of stairs and a winding passage that takes us further into the pyramid. Eventually we get to a corridor with some archways. Something glints in the first one. Closer inspection shows it to be a glass vial in the hand of a skeleton. It’s other hand hold a stained dagger. Other skeletons sit around the edge of the small room.
Another archway is bit further down the passage. In there are more skeletons and a pile of hammers and chisels and other stoneworking tools.
A third archway has even more skeletons.
We surmise that these might be the original constructors of the pyramid, trapped so as not to reveal it’s secrets. Morgan checks and some have evidence of stab wounds and the stained dagger proves to be marked with dried blood.
The passage continues past a pair of hideous, demonic statues in niches, and then another pair. Minerva is made of stern stuff and her stoic attitude gives heart to the others. After the four demonic statues, there are a pair of statues of lion headed women with spears. The passage ends at a room with a sunken floor and a pool of acrid smelling liquid.

A copper coin confirm that it is acid. We are stuck. Amber considers using the statues to create stepping stones and tells Morgan to shift the first one. It moves and reveals a small passage behind it at the back of the niche. We shove Rob down there with Minerva’s sword of continual light. He finds a long, narrow room with sand on the floor and a mirrored wall at the far end.  He sees himself receding into the distance – the wall he entered through is also mirrored.
The sand proves to be about 2 inches deep. Rob brushes it away to check for traps as he advances. He makes his way to the far end without mishap, and indeed with any indication of another exit from this room.

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Down among the dead men

Some planning discussion was had as everyone expected something pretty nasty to come up out of the sarcophagus when opened. Varys remembered that he had an old scroll with an incantation to ward off undead creatures. He would hold it ready…
Bael promised to sing Morgan’s favourite song to give him courage.
The lid was removed and lo and behold, a skeletal form in ragged bandages rose… It wore golden bracers and pectoral and held a black staff with golden tips. It strikes at Morgan and hits – flashes of blue electricity seem to erupt from the tip of the staff!!
The troops rally at the sound of Bael’s song – Morgan and Minerva land some hefty hits and the skeleton soon crumbles. Relief all round!
We grab the golden loot, pleased at last that our adventure to this strange island is bearing fruit. Varys examines the staff and reasons that the skeleton cast no spell to use it so it must be usable by anyone. He gives it to Isis.

We move on to another part of the pyramid tunnels and find another sarcophagus. Everyone adopts the same plan of attack. This time, as soon as the lid is touched a black form rises *through* the lid. There is mild panic. It swipes at Minerva but luckily misses. Varys casts his protection spell and everyone huddles around him. We back away but it simply follows. Amber remembers that she had a magical dagger and proceeds to throw it at the wraith. We then advance to pick the dagger up again and Amber throws. Rinse and repeat – it doesn’t last long. Or potentially gives up through boredom. Either way, we find some shiny chain mail (which Minerva takes), a potion of healing and some very smart looking arrows.
While the spell is still active we check out the final passage which leads to yet another tomb. In it is a mummified creature. It rises as expected but is held at bay by Varys’ spell. Minerva, Isis and Amber light torches and throw them in an attempt to get it burning, but with little joy. There is a noticeable shiver and then a ‘pop’ sound – the spell has worn off…
Bael immediately strikes a chord and Morgan and Minerva start to swing. Isis brandishes the new staff which seems to generate the blue flashes when she manages to connect and Amber throws her dagger about.
The mummy is a tough old bird, but eventually she goes down. It is worth it however – the sarcophagus is full of treasure!!

After a rest, we search for secret doors – one is found a the back of the wraith’s tomb and it leads to the great pit that we found on the top of the pyramid. There are no other passages leading off at this level. A torch is lowered and it illuminates the floor before burning through the rope. The bottom of the pit is sandy and about 30 feet below us.

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