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After some deliberation about what sized tree trunk we could carry, and what bridge construction options we had we decided to head back to the Jungle. The decision was to get 4 x30ft saplings lashed together, then use an A frame to support a lead rope to allow us to suspend the leading end of the ‘bridge’ as we pushed it across the chasm.
The day was at an end when we reached the edge of the Jungle and as night fell we heard wolves howling in the distance. Rob shinned up a tree and lowered a rope to help the rest up. The wolves could clearly smell us as they lurked below us.. Bael shot arrows at them which eventually scared them away.

The next morning we began to chop trees… Towards the afternoon we were interrupted by a small Neanderthal hunting party. We made friendly gestures and offered food; they accepted and we roasted rabbit together over the fire. They seemed willing to help us with our load if we gave them more food. They looked very strong so it seemed like a sensible trade.
Between us and our new friends we were able to carry the tree trunks towards the mountains. We made much better progress than expected, but still had to camp out.
That night we set camp and kept watch. As dawn spread her rosy fingers a huge 5 headed snake-dragon thing appeared and looked quite hungry! Varys opened proceedings with a Magic Missile, much to the appreciation of the neanderthals. And Bael popped off an arrow. Isis wielded the Staff of Striking however she was still quite sleepy and couldn’t connect. Minerva spent a while donning her armour and Rob circled around attempting to attack from the flanks. The neandethals did their bit and lopped off a head. However the hydra got it’s revenge and killed one of them. His mates howled in anguish and ran away. Bael played some power chords and this clearly inspired Rob who lopped another head off with a single blow. Varys fired another magic missile and Minerva finally joined the fray. Rob, high on adrenaline took another swing but missed and was badly bitten as a result.
Once Minerva got going she was able to chop off the rest of the heads, but not before Isis also suffered a bite.

With the Neanderthals gone we had to carry the tree trunks by ourselves… slow progress. Around midday we saw the silhouettes of two giant elks, about 12 feet tall, on the skyline. Isis was keen to be friends with them. She was able to befriend the huge male, and his female companion seemed content to stay with him.
We were able to fashion a harness from lianas and the elk could drag our whole load of timber with no problem. Isis led them all the way to the huge subterranean chamber to drop off the logs, then she took them back towards lower ground so they could graze. Her druidic senses told her that her friendship spell would begin to wear off after a few days but that the elk would return if she called it tomorrow.
Meanwhile the rest of the party, follwing Varys’ instructions, were able to lash the poles together and execute the plan.
Rob was first to cross, first attaching a safety rope to his waist. He found the makeshift bridge to be sturdy enough.

While watching the others working on the ropes, Varys took a few moments to reflect on the past few days adventuring. He’s been feeling a little clumsy and less ‘lucky’. He’s been feeling a bit off-colour since the ‘shadows’ attacked in the pyramid. Perhaps it’s not just Morgan who needs a curse lifted…

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