Steve Bainbridge

ID 164
First Name Steve
Last Name Bainbridge
Region GB
Creation Date 2009-01-19 06:26:55
Armies used:
Seleucid used in 24 competitions
Early Byzantine used in 8 competitions
Teutonic Orders used in 6 competitions
Thematic Byzantine used in 6 competitions
Ghurid used in 5 competitions
Neo-Assyrian Empire used in 4 competitions
Alexandrian Imperial used in 4 competitions
Early Carthaginian used in 4 competitions
Maurikian Byzantine used in 3 competitions
Later Achaemenid Persian used in 2 competitions
Teutonic Orders used in 2 competitions
Nikephorian Byzantine used in 2 competitions
New Kingdom Egyptian used in 2 competitions
Sui Chinese and Early T'ang Chinese used in 2 competitions
Ptolemaic used in 1 competition
Neo-Assyrian Later Sargonid used in 1 competition
Tibetan used in 1 competition
Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties used in 1 competition
Alexandrian Macedonian used in 1 competition
Later Carthaginian used in 1 competition
Order of St John used in 1 competition
Early Macedonian used in 1 competition
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