Thom Richardson

ID 194
First Name Thom
Last Name Richardson
Region GB
Creation Date 2009-02-04 13:52:31
Armies used:
Hsiung-Nu or Juan-juan used in 7 competitions
Seleucid used in 5 competitions
Fatimid Egyptian used in 4 competitions
Wallachian or Moldavian used in 4 competitions
Late Imperial Roman used in 4 competitions
Later Muslim Indian used in 4 competitions
Abbasid Arab used in 4 competitions
Early German used in 3 competitions
New Kingdom Egyptian used in 3 competitions
Ghaznavid used in 3 competitions
Christian Nubian used in 3 competitions
Navarrese used in 3 competitions
Catalan Company used in 2 competitions
Serbian Empire used in 2 competitions
Umayyad Arab used in 2 competitions
Ottoman used in 2 competitions
Hunnic used in 2 competitions
Paekche and Kaya Korean used in 2 competitions
100 Years War English used in 2 competitions
Attalid Pergamene used in 2 competitions
Warring States and Ch'in Chinese used in 2 competitions
Nobades and Blemmye or Beja used in 1 competition
Warring States and Ch'in Chinese used in 1 competition
Hellenistic Greek used in 1 competition
Medieval German used in 1 competition
Kimmerian, Skythian or Early Hu used in 1 competition
New Kingdom Egyptian used in 1 competition
Arabo-Aramaean used in 1 competition
Tibetan used in 1 competition
Medieval Spanish or Portuguese used in 1 competition
Kushan used in 1 competition
Anatolian Turkoman used in 1 competition
Chinese Northern and Southern Dynasties used in 1 competition
Makkan, Dilmun, Saba, Ma'in and Qataban used in 1 competition
Koryo Dynasty Korean used in 1 competition
Gallic used in 1 competition
Siamese used in 1 competition
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