Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

Hot off the wires

Despite some wide-ranging digressions as Iain has mentioned, and possibly because of several cans of Red Bull, they ventured up the stairs and started to investigate a cell block up there. Lots of barred cells. And a small room with a ladder going upwards. And another latrine. While they were investigating a locked door, they became aware of an eerie piping tune. Then a previously inanimate skeleton in a cell grabbed Nailen. Other skeletons started rattling on their bars, and one opened his cell door. Mahan attacked the arm gripping Nailen and after a couple of feeble blows severed it. Rufus advanced towards the skeleton coming up one corridor towards them while Olsen covered the line of retreat. Another skeleton appeared from that direction, but Olsen was too entranced by the music to be able to respond. The newly free’d Nailen rushed to help him and was engaged by the skeleton and by another one that was following it. Mahan moved to help Rufus, which was lucky as he was now engaged by a second skeleton. However some quick dagger-work from Rufus dispatched the first skeleton, which was good because although Nailen had destroyed one skeleton on that flank, the remaining skeleton had been joined by two giant mosquitos. One attacked him, the other, after some failed attempts on Olsen’s head and chest which were too heavily armoured to penetrate, latched onto his arm and started draining the blood from him. Mahan disengaged from the remaining skeleton on that side, leaving it to Rufus, and charged across to help Nailen and Olsen, but was attacked by a third mosquito. Fortunately he dealt it a blow good enough to kill it. Nailen then dispatched his skeleton and dealt the mosquito a blow that, while not killing it, forced it to flee. Rufus destroyed the last skeleton, and the final mosquito, filled with Olsen’s blood, fled. Olsen was in a very bad way though, and only his bracer of healing has kept him alive and prevented him losing his arm. Rufus attempted to first aid the puncture wound but only succeeded in opening up a vein. Olsen is unconscious with a completely unusable right arm, and Nailen is feeling a bit peaky, so you decided to retire for tea back at Kendra’s.

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