Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

Olsen lost

Nailen returns to the temple to search the records for reference to the Lopper.
After many hours and nearly giving up he finally finds a tattered diary. It appears to be the journal of the incumbent at the time of the riot and fire. Looking back a few tears he finds reference to the crimes and arrest of The Lopper. Real name Vance Saetressle.
He was a notorious ambush killer. He would hide somewhere unlikely for days on end then leap out and behead his victim with a hand axe.
In the priest’s account of the prison destruction, there is a note of praise to Helim that 5 of the most notorious prisoners in Merkaine have died earlier than could have been expected. And the followers of The Twelve will be glad that the career of Father Charlatan is at an end.

Nailen heads to the pub to report to the others.
We remind ourselves of who the 5 notorious prisoners are…
Sefick Corvin – blasphemy, not dangerous. Upper cells.
Vance Saetressle – oubliette, awaiting execution. Most recent arrival.
Ispin Onyxcudgel – oubliette, awaiting execution. Very trollish sounding name.
The Piper – Reapers Hold, awaiting execution.
Hean Feramin – nevermore, awaiting execution. Been in prison a long time.

Could Corvin be the Father Charlatan mention in the journal? Nailen will return and scour the records further. Rufus will stalk the woods seeking the local Wise Woman of Tamra.
While failing to find anything in the books , Nailen speaks to Argen and learns of Father Charlatan. He was a notorious con artist and would pretend to be a priest of any of the 12 faiths. He used this to con people out of vast sums of money. When unmasked and arrested his follower attempted to break him out of the prison so he was moved to Harrowstone. Argen doesn’t know the name Sefick Corvin.
Nailen then asks about the Whispering Way – they are an evil order of necromancers who have been in existence for centuries. Nailen proposes that Father Charlatan and Sefick Corvin are one and the same – Argen agrees that is probably the case.
Nailen then gives Argen a synopsis of what they’ve discovered so far. Argen postulates that the spirit of the Splatter Man may be stuck in the MO of the living man hence the letters daubed on the statue. Nailen fears that if the spirit of Vasoriana is destroyed then nothing will stop the spirits of the prisoners wreaking havoc on the town.

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