Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

All Lou Ferringo

We are in the village and we continue to ponder our next moves.

Rufus hits on the idea of getting a crowbar in order to be able to get through locked doors. Mahan comments that we should get some beeswax or similar to block our ears for when we face The Piper. Rufus chats to his apothecary bird and obtains some wax as well.

We prepare some packed lunches and head up to the prison.

After passing the stupid flying skulls and the cold spot, we get to the locked door. Rufus brandishes his new crowbar and Nailen gets to work as everyone else is too weedy. Grrrraaaarrrggghhhhhhhh!!!! Nailen rips the door open and roars in triumph. The room beyond has a bizarre collection of antique goods on two sets of shelves. Some are tagged. Each tag has a name and number. We don’t find anything tagged with our names of interest. But we do find a fine set of thieves tools, a medallion with a large crystal, a set of silver hair clips, a fine punching dagger, a pouch containing a dozen shuriken and a silver dagger.

Rufus dons the crystal medallion. He feels a hankering for some white trousers and loafers. And a pina colada.

Nailen feels that the room shape doesn’t match the sketch plan of the building. He finds a hidden door in the back which opens into a cupboard. Shelves have a bloodied hand axe, a pile of fine silver chains, a mouldering tome, a hammer and a tarnished silver flute. Rufus checks the book and sees the name Hean Feramin. On the top corner of the same page is a ‘R’, written in blood. The next page hasĀ  ‘U’, also in blood which looks fresh. There appears to be the start of a spell. And a ‘F’. Two pages on is another ‘U’. Rufus stops looking!

Nailen takes a look and sees a ‘N’ on the first page. Spooky stuff.

We check the fine silver chains – they are completely entangled. On closer examination they hold 12 different holy symbols. Surely this is the possession of Father Charlatan.

Nailen thinks this might be the time to attempt Soul Sight. It takes several attempts but he manages to cast. Nailen can see a strong essence of power around each item. He can also see that the medallion has innate power.

We agree to attempt to remove the items back to the Temple of Helim. Mahan suggests we need to be prepared to leg it in the style of Tucker, Alan and Tommy. We make it to the Temple of Helim without incident and meet up with Argen.

Rufus plays a single note on the flute and is struck with the urge to play the flute on and on. He starts to bleed from his ears and nostrils and passes out. Mahan first aids. After coming round, Rufus says that he got a feeling that the flute hates the Piper and would do damage to his spirit if played within his/it’s presence. We make our excuses and go to see Halvenstromm.

As the day comes to an end Mahan feels it’s time to stake out the statue. He reappears at dawn looking tired and a bit grumpy. “It was a waste of time” is his appraisal. That day Rufus realises he can store some POW in the medallion so does so. Nailen hangs out at the temple, hoping to learn Soul Sight again.

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