Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

Worryingly close to competent

/skill check montage…

We are rested and feel our skills have got better – Olsen is still tired though.

Over a hearty breakfast Rufus yet again expresses a desire to head upstairs in the prison and visit the locked door. He put a lot of effort in getting the herbs for the mosquito repellent so he wants to use it!

We trek up the hill to the prison. Rufus is in the lead and takes us upstairs. As we scout around we can hear the faint sound of piping. Nailen has a practice peep on the pipe, but then is gripped by the desire to play more. Rufus punches him in the goolies which breaks the spell and he drops the pipe.

We find a kitchen, and then a broom cupboard.

Approaching another door Rufus and Nailen are struck down with fear. Mahan gives them a pep talk. The door is opened, and within is a skeleton. Rufus attempts to contact it on the Spirit Speaker but nothing is there. Nailen twats it with his sword – seems like it was just a skeleton.

Nailen is now rooted to the spot and then sees a figure coming down the corridor – it is playing a pipe and leading 2 mosquitoes. Mahan starts to play the pipe and is entranced by it. Things are not looking good – Rufus spots 2 skeletons coming down the other corridor. He stabs at the first and hits it. However, it hits back and Rufus goes down with a sore leg.

Olsen appears from the stairs muttering about sleeping in. At this point Nailen frees himself from his fugue, but the state has done him some damage – he collapses in a faint.

Olsen wields his sword in an effective manner and drops one of the skellies. In the meantime Rufus casts a healing spell on himself and his leg recovers. Olsen is clearly well rested as he lands a critical blow on the skeleton and it crumbles….

Rufus grabs the flute from Mahan and *all* the flute music stops. Could the Piper be vanquished??

Rufus takes Nailen’s lockpicks and attempts to open the locked door that has been bugging him for days. He fails and they realise they can’t do much without Nailen. They try to open a trapdoor at the top of a ladder but no one is strong enough – again the strongest party member is unconscious. There is nothing for it but to have a spot of lunch and wait…

/picnic lunch montage while waiting for Nailen to wake up

Nailen approaches the door and attempt to unlock it. Through sheer persistence the door gives up trying to stay locked. Vast piles of treasure are surely on the other side.

Sadly, no treasure is present, but a short corridor leads to another door.  Nailen approaches the next door and unlocks that as well. It leads out onto a large balcony with some benches and what appears to be a executioner’s block. Two skeletal ghostly arms appear, brandishing a scythe. It rapidly flies towards Nailen. He shuts the door and retreats. The scythe thumps into the door and a foot of the blade comes through. It seems to be pursuing.  Nailen attempts to catch it in a Spirit Jar, but it doesn’t seem to have much effect.

The others finally spring into action to defend him. Olsen and Mahan both hit and Nailen steps back to wield his bow. Olsen and Mahan both take damage. We continue to hit it but not much happens. Nailen produces one of the Sun Rods and blasts the apparition. It succumbs to the POWAH of Helim.

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