Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

End of the road?

We make our way back to Kendra’s house for a rest. There’s been a kerfuffle in the town – another letter has been daubed, this time on a wall in the cemetery. It’s the ‘I’ of Vesoriana.
Over dinner we discuss possible ways to destroy the Splatterman’s spell book. Mahan is sure it needs the application of holy water and some of the other interesting items we have found – tipped arrows etc. The next morning Nailen will visit Arlen. Our discussion is interrupted by footsteps at the door. We hear a scream from the hall and rush out. Halventromm is backing away from a rotting animated corpse – it is Halventromm’s brother.
Olsen attempts to splash holy water on it, while Rufus attempts to use the spirit speaker to communicate.
The holy water seems to have no effect and Rufus struggles to get any signal. Nailen stops faffing around, grabs a silver arrow and stabs the zombie with it. the arrow sinks into its chest and as Nailen withdraws it maggots and gunk drop out.. Bleurgh.
Nailen is hit by the zombie and faints again. As he drops the zombie slashes him across the stomach. Olsen and Mahan stop fannying about and kill it. The boys clean up the mess and head back into the dining room for dessert.
Rosy fingered dawn lights up the eastern skyline. Nailen heads to see Arlen, the others go to see the sheriff. As we leave the house we notice a house we saw yesterday is now a smouldering wreck. When we reach the main square there are dead bodies lying on the ground and the sheriff comes to talk to us. It seems the dead are rising…
Nailen nips off to see Arlen. Yet again he fails to memorise any spells. They discuss the plans to destroy the Splatterman’s spell book.
Olsen, Mahan and Rufus go to see the priests of Zalaton but don’t get much more info from them. They move on to the graveyard. It’s a right mess!
Sherrif Caellar comes to see us again at dusk and asks what can be done to protect the town. Nailen suggests taking the surviving villagers to the temple of Zalaton for protection. The night passes without incident…
Dawn breaks and Nailen pops back to the temple to learn Soul Sight and finally Helim is listening.
We leap frog up the road to the prison, singing ‘Pack Up Yer Troubles’. A montage plays as we make our way down to the cellar. We head down the corridor marked ‘Nevermore’. There’s a portcullis and a side door. Behind the side door is the winch mechanism, but it is warped beyond use. We also cannot lift the portcullis and feel a bit stuck.
We seek Vesoriana and Rufus talks to her. She cannot pinpoint the Splatterman and does not know much of the prison layout as this is ‘her first day’.
Mahan suggests that we molest the spellbook hoping it will draw the Splatterman to us.. We move to the initial cellar room and discuss how to proceed. Rufus wants to burn a single page. Rufus burns a page but nothing happens. Mahan pours on some holy water but nothing happens there either.
We consider the possibility of a secret passage from the torture chamber. Nailen again suffers at the hands of the iron maiden. We tip the iron maiden onto its front so that it cannot entrap him again, and we fail to find any secret doors…
We are stuck.

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