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Potion of Healing

Creating a potion of healing is a 2 week process that must start on the night of the new moon and end on the night of the full moon. On the night of the new moon, the first three ingredients of the potion must be gathered at night using a silver bladed knife. The three herbs required are 6 leaves of feverwort, the root of a bloodbloom flower and the stem from a loomreed. These ingredients should then be dried for 4 nights. On the fourth night they should be ground in a stone pestle. A suitable quantity of pure alcohol should then be added and the mixture should be boiled in a still for 6 hours. The resultant mass should then be left to ferment in the dark for 6 days. On the 6th night, the mixture should be boiled again and strained. To the resultant liquid should be added 6 drops of vervaine essence per vial of potion. This should then be left again until the night of the full moon.

On the last night, the brewer must expend 3 Magic Points for each vial of potion that is being brewed and must make a successful Brew Potion of Healing roll for each vial as the final ingredient, a spoonful of royal jelly, is added. Any rolls that fail will result in a spoiled potion. The Magic Points are still expended. Fortunately spoiled potions are easily identified as they remain a dull brown colour and do not turn to the pale blue translucent colour that shows a successful potion.

Potions that are kept in sealed vials will retain their potency for a year. Each vial of potion imbibed will cure 2-7 hit points of damage, starting with the most recent wound. It will not re-attach a severed limb or allow a character to recover consciousness but will staunch any continuing bleeding.

Brew Potion of Healing is an advanced skill that starts at INT+POW percent.

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