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Helim – Lord of Light

Helim is the lord of light, god of the sun and the king, fount of all power and authority and patron deity of the High Kingdom.

Lay Members

Anyone in the High Kingdom can become a lay member of the cult of Helim, unless debarred by membership of an incompatible cult or some heinous crime. All nobles and anyone in a position of power is required to be a lay member of Helim.

The requirements for lay membership are not onerous. The lay member must abjure any incompatible cult and swear to obey the laws of the kingdom and all orders given by a more senior member of the cult. The lay member should attend temple services if available every Sunday, and must attend the midsummer and midwinter great festivals, or at the very least perform the correct rituals if there is no organised festival where they are.

Lay Members must always obey the orders of a higher ranking member of the cult of Helim.


Initiate membership is available to anyone who has been a lay member for at least two years, although this may be waived in special circumstances, such as elevation to the nobility. Members of the nobility are encouraged to become Initiates of Helim in many places, as this improves the relationship between the lord and his subjects.

The candidate for initiation must be at least 18. They must have a skill of more than 50% in 5 of:

  • At least two weapons skills with sword or bow.
  • Any three of:
    • Scan
    • Influence
    • Sing
    • Courtesy
    • Stealth
    • Perception
    • Athletics

They must also pass a test administered by a priest of Helim (Roll under POW x 5 on percentile dice).

They must give 10% of time and income to his local temple of Helim each year.

Initiates can be taught the following spells (if available):

Divine Magic

  • Absorption
  • Blessing
  • Channel Strength
  • Command Hawk
  • Command Salamander
  • Dismiss Elemental
  • Dismiss Magic
  • Gleam
  • Heal Mind
  • Mindblast
  • Mindlink
  • Reflection
  • Shield
  • Soul Sight
  • Spirit Block
  • Farsee
  • Summon Salamander
  • Sunbright
  • Sureshot
  • Speak to Birds
  • True Sword

Spirit Magic

  • Befuddle
  • Coordination
  • Detect Enemies
  • Disruption
  • Extinguish
  • Farsee
  • Firearrow
  • Fireblade
  • Heal
  • Ignite
  • Light
  • Lightwall
  • Mindspeech
  • Mobility
  • Multimissile
  • Slow
  • Speedart



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