Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign


Bracers of Healing

There are two of these – one owned by Nailen and the other by Olsen. They are heavy gold arm-rings, set with 4 uncut sapphires evenly spaced around the circumference.

Each of the appears to heal damage automatically as it is received, at a cost of 1 Magic Point for each point of Healing.

They were discovered in the lost temple of Shandar in the Dankfold. The priests of Zalatun at Itea cautioned that these are dangerous items and should not be used, although they were rather non-specific about the details of this.

Pectorals of Defense

There are also two of these, also found in the lost temple of Shandar. These are gold neck collars inset with lapis lazuli. The priests of Zalatun have shown you that in order to activate them you must think a phrase while wearing them. Activation also costs you 2 Magic Points, and provides 2 points of Protection to all locations for 5 minutes. It also increases your POW by 2 if you are fighting Possession by spirits. The phrase is ‘Khadar Shandara, mehirik Shandarin, tothanthat Shandaru, khaddar Shandara mehiti’. They wouldn’t tell you what this meant.

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