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Shandar is the Goddess of the Moon and Secrets.  In most people’s minds she is worshipped by thieves, spies and assassins and all whose work takes place in the shadows.  This aspect of her cult is normally secretive and hidden, especially in areas that venerate Helim.  However, she is also the goddess of knowledge, and for this is openly worshipped in the High Kingdom, especially by sages or in other centres of learning.

Shandar is a complex deity and has four distinct aspects aligned to the phases of the moon.  These are also related to the four key phases of her mythological progress, and her relations with other deities.

  • Shandar the Maiden is aligned with the waxing moon. She is shown with moon horns in her hair and is associated with fidelity, obedience and war.
  • Shandar the Giver is aligned the full moon and carries the cup of life.  This aspect promises fertility and life to the worshipper, but opponents, especially followers of Tamra, claim that she does not really give true life, merely the false appearance of life.
  • Shandar the Holder is aligned with the waning moon and is shown with a closed book. She is the keeper of secrets and hoarder of knowledge.  This is the most commonly openly worshipped aspect of Shandar.
  • Shandar the Dark is aligned with new moon and is normally shown carrying a sword. She is associated with betrayal, lies, death and destruction.

Shandar the Holder is openly worshipped in the High Kingdom, especially in centres of learning or by sages. Shandar the Maiden may also be worshipped by some mercenary companies, although normally those with a rather dark reputation. Worship of Shandar the Dark is normally only carried on in secret, as is worship of Shandar the Giver, although all temples will contain shrines to all four aspects. Worshippers normally emphasise the more acceptable aspects though.

Shandar the Holder


Speak Ancestral Language
Summon Ancestor
Bind Spirit
Detect Truth
Hide Knowledge
Compel Knowledge

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