Saltmarsh Journal

Journals for the Saltmarsh RPG Campaign

Cities of the High Kingdom


A city and school of elemental sorcery in Vertain.


A city in southern Merkaine.


A city and school of necromancy in Chandros.


Capital of the High Kingdom, Thirakkar is built on the island of the same name in the Inner Sea. The island is walled by high cliffs except at one point, which is where the port of Thirakkar is built. Above the port rises a single valley that drains the whole island. The port is walled, and exit from the city is forbidden to all except a favoured few. At the top of the city lies the Great Palace, where the High King grants audience and dispenses justice. This is where the administration of the High Kingdom takes place.  To the rear of the Great Palace lies the Golden Gate, beyond which is the High Palace, where only Lordlings are permitted access.  This is where the politics of the High Kingdom takes place, as the Kings and great families bargain and barter influence and strike and break deals and treaties.  Even the High Palace is walled though, and beyond that is the Inner Palace – the home of the High King and his entourage.

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