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Saltmarsh Merchant Venturers Guild

The Honourable Guild of Merchant Venturers of Saltmarsh was incorporated nuder Ducal decree over eight years ago. From humble beginnings it has become a dominant force in Saltmarsh and Merkaine politics due to its wealth.

The ordinances of Saltmarsh prohibit any other than a Journeyman or Master of the guild from owning a warehouse in Saltmarsh or loading or unloading a vessel on the wharf of Saltmarsh. Thus any vessel not owned by a guild member must have a sponsoring guild member to allow them to operate and this sponsorship will usually be associated with a shared of the cargo. The guild also administers the lading and mooring fees for the wharves and passes these onto the town treasury after taking their due. They also level an annual fine on all journeymen and masters.

There are currently 5 Master Merchant Venturers, one of whom is the Guildmaster, Marcus Regan. The others are Jean the Fat (the town Mayor), Andrew Lonyt, Mark Queryll? and Argus Peer?.

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